B010-H: Bus Voltage level too low.

During the battery managers startup procedure, the PowerRouter has detected that the internal Bus voltage is too low. As batteries are supplying the energy for the battery manager, it is an indication that the connected batteries are empty/discharged or even damaged. It could also be caused when battery voltage suddenly disappears; for instance when the wiring became loose, or batteries are disconnected.

Possible solutions:

  1. Measure the voltages from the disconnected battery pack, it should exceed 20-21 Volts.
  2. Check battery wiring, are all connections firm and correct?.
  3. Should this not be the case, then it is likely that one of the connected batteries is defect.
    Separate the batteries from each other and measure independent battery voltage, replace if needed.
  4. For the PowerRouter to continue solar production without battery usage, it is necessary to reconfigure the PowerRouter to: “Battery connected: Not Configured”.
    That way, it will no longer use batteries and starts as a normal solar inverter, maintaining solar production until batteries are replaced, repaired.
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