Internet Connection Problems

The PowerRouter uses a dynamic IP address which means that it receives an address (IP number) from your internet/broadband router.
It is not possible to connect the PowerRouter using a Proxy server.
The half duplex 10Mbit PowerRouter connection is made through (http/web) Port 80, this should not be blocked by firewalls (security measures inside e.g. the internet modem).

Possible issues:
Are all the (RJ45)connectors attached firmly and correctly?
Does the connection (network/internet) cable run along power cables, or other interference sources?

Check network cable and led indication

This consists on checking if the network cable is properly connected.
The leds are on as you can see on the picture below.

  • A solid green led indicating the network connection.
  • A flashing orange led indication transmission of data.


The next check in case the above ones are not successfully could be:

·         check the router/modem indication.
·         check if the UTP cable is properly working by connecting it to a computer and sees if it gets connected.
·         Check if UPT cable is properly connected on the power router(not in the CAN connector)


In most cases, a simple reset will do the trick.
Could you please try this?
Simply switch out or pull out the Power supply from the broadband/internet router and plug it in again.
Then reset the PowerRouter using the PowerRouter menu: Service, Restart, Yes.

This will restart the connection to the PowerRouter, and should receive a new IP address and communicate should be reset/restored.



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