Updating a PowerRouter

How to update a PowerRouter/Unifit:

Prior to any update, it is important to check the following:

  • For PowerRouters with batteries:
    - Are the batteries connected and is the total battery voltage higher then 21Volts? This is important because the Battery module will not be started when voltage is lower than 21Volts, thus cannot be updated.
  • Is the PowerRouter grid connected?
    - A stable grid connection is recommended to perform a flawless update.
  • Should the update be carried out remotely by Internet, a good stable internet connection is a necessity.


There are several ways to update a PowerRouter to the latest firmware/software.

  1. If the PowerRouter is connected with the internet, an installer can simply use the "Firmware Updates" widget on

    This Widget shows the firmware versions from all connected PowerRouters and if an update is possible.
    With a simple mouseclick, selected PowerRouters can be updated.

  2. On site, with the Installtool. (Download link)
    The installer connects his laptop (using an USB cable) to the PowerRouter, and uses the "Update Firmware" button to update the connected PowerRouter.

  3. For end users with the "Firmware Update Tool" (Download link)
    An enduser can update his PowerRouter by connecting his Laptop (using an USB cable) to the PowerRouter, and starting the "Firmware Update Tool".

  4. By contacting PowerRouter Support, (keep in mind, the PowerRouter must be internet connected for Support to check/update the system).

After any update, always check the following:

  • Was the update successful; was every module updated?
  • Is the PowerRouter working like expected? 
  • If connected, is the self-use sensor working and are its measurements correct?



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