General Error Code descriptions, what does it mean:

The following overview will be used to explain the location of the errors in the system.



Error explanation

Hard error:
When a hard error occurs the PowerRouter goes into a safe mode and will not function until the user has turned the system off and on or a reset is performed. A Hard error is indicated when the error LED is on.

Soft error:
When a soft error occurs the module in which the error originated will go into a safe mode. Other modules in the PowerRouter will continue to operate. The PowerRouter can recover from the error automatically. A Soft error is indicated when the error LED is flashing. 

Error code:

The first letter indicates where the error originated within the PowerRouter

  • P – Platform
  • S – Solar module
  • B – Battery module
  • G or D – Grid module

The second letter indicates the level of the error that occurred:

  • H – Hard error: A mayor error, the PowerRouter needs to be restarted.
  • S – Soft error: A minor error, the PowerRouter can (in most cases) restore itself.
  • W - Warning: An indication that (possible) unexpected behavior was detected.
  • C - Restore/Reset: the PowerRouter has rectified the error.


To restore functionality after the PowerRouter suffered a hard error, it must be restarted. You can initiate this via the PowerRouters display menu:
- Menu, service, restart, YES.
Or by using the restart function on


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