The 3 phase grid (consumption) sensor

The sensor is pre-configured and requires no setup; only hard wiring is required. See figure for the connection overview.

  1. Disconnect the Public AC grid.
  2. Mount the 3-phase grid sensor.
  3. Set the 3-phase grid sensor switch in the ‘1’ Position.
  4. Connect the 3-phase grid sensor in accordance with the “3P.n” configuration.
  5. Connect the 1 meter sensor cable to the 3-phase grid sensor (included).
    a. Green/white wire -> sensor terminal 41.
    b. Green wire -> sensor terminal 42.
    c. Orange/white wire -> sensor terminal 43.
  6. Insert the RJ45 plug at the end of the sensor cable into the PowerRouter CAN port. A CAT5e UTP cable (or better), with a maximum length of 25 meters, may be used to extend the connection (RJ45-connector type: T-568B).
  7. Place the ferrite core with one loop in the cable.
    The ferrite core must be within 10 cm of the PowerRouter.
  8. Verify the communication between the sensor and the PowerRouter by moving the joystick on the sensor to the right until the text "Serial" is displayed on the display. 
    There should be a blinking "rT" (receive, transmit) indicating that communication is oke. If not check the connection.
  9. After initialising the system, check the PowerRouter display for correct operation of the sensor – “Service menu > Status > Sensor”. If correct, “OK” will appear on the display (This may take up to 3.5 minutes after start-up).


Make sure the sensor is correctly installed. Wrong installation will result in no self-use maximization, damage the sensor or will deplete the battery.
For further details refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

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