B036-W: Empty Battery.

This warning message is an indication that during discharge, the Batteries voltage became too low.
The PowerRouter will stop discharging them to prevent battery damage.

Because this is unusual and not expected battery behavior, the PowerRouter will recalibrate the batteries, charging them with priority (this means all available solar goes to the batteries) unit they have reached the 95% SOC.
Only upon reaching the 95% level, the batteries are “released” and can be used again.

Should this warning appear very often, it is an indication that the connected Batteries do not have the configured/expected capacity anymore.

Depending on whether this error occurs frequently a possible solution is:

  1. Initiate a maintenance charge, this will calibrate and equalize the connected batteries.
  2. Check Battery capacity, is the configured Capacity (C10 value) correct?
  3. Change and decrease the DOD value, that way the PowerRouter will take less energy from the batteries.
  4. The final solution would be to replace the batteries, as they will most likely decrease in capacity due to sulfation.
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