PowerRouter Replacement protocol Europe

PowerRouter Replacement Europe
It may sometimes be necessary to replace a PowerRouter – so the procedure has to be simple!

As an installer, you have several options for the completion of a quick and easy replacement:
> E-mail:
> Internet:

Once you have described the problem, given the reason(s) for a replacement and sent the required document the new unit will be sent. In case the required information is not provided correctly, we will not process the request. Nedap reserves the right to deviate from this process in abnormal cases.

The unit will generally take 2-3 working days to be delivered.
The PowerRouter will have extra protective packaging and will be transported by a freight carrier (DHL, DPB or UPS) on a disposable pallet.

Once you have replaced the PowerRouter, please pack the faulty unit in the box used for the replacement. As the unit will be returned by parcel service, it does not need to be secured on a pallet. Just use the protective packaging that came with the new PowerRouter. It will already have the return sticker on it. Be sure to enclose the return slip.

Your advantage: You save time because you do not have to organise the return yourself. The collection time will be shown on the delivery slip. You only have to contact us if this time is not possible for you.

Should you have any question regarding the above, don't hesitate to ask us.


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