What is Wintermode

** Wintermode: (country & location depended) **

The winter mode helps to protect the battery against being discharged too deep for a longer time, which has a bad influence on the lifetime of the battery.
In the case of snow on the solar panels or a very low solar yield for a longer period, there is no solar energy generation and therefore no charging of the batteries.

Before the winter mode is activated, the battery will be fully charged from solar energy.
Once the battery is fully charged, the battery module will be deactivated and the battery is in 'storage' for the selected period.

The solar module is still working normally, but the energy produced will only be used for direct use and feed-in.
Because of the higher consumption in winter time and the lower production of solar energy, this will hardly lead to lower yearly self consumption.

Depending on your location and solar yield, we advise to activate the winter mode during the winter months to prolong the battery lifetime.

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